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"We'll Empty Your Trash,
Not Your Pockets"
Texas based Janitorial Services and other Commercial Cleaning Providers


Speciality Services

  • General Janitorial

  • Strip and Wax Floor Cleaning

  • Electrostatic Disinfection

  • Rough and Post Construction Clean

  • Bonnet and Carpet Cleaning

  • Recycling Program Implementation

  • Pavement and Building Exterior Pressure Washing

  • Parking Lot Sweeping 


Staff Members

Our ever growing team performs janitorial services all over Texas in Fort Worth, Dallas, Brownsville, Houston, and Austin. We even serve smaller populated towns like Decatur and Longview.


Trusted Years of Service

JDM Janitorial has been servicing Texas, from Austin to DFW since 2009.  Our customers have told us that our local approach and advanced technologies have given them the customer service that they were missing with their previous national providers, all while providing them with competitive pricing packages.


SQFT Cleaned Daily

Our customer's facilities range from as small as 5,000 sqft to roughly as big as 600, 000 sqft. At JDM, we've got you covered.


Janitorial and Commerical Cleaning Services for Businesses and Manufactures
Manufacturing Units
Reliable and Trustable Professional Cleaning and Janitorial Services for Educational Facilities
Education Facilities
Professional Cleaning and Janitorial Services for Medical Facilities
Medical Facilities
Janitorial and Commerical Cleaning Services for Businesses and Manufactures
Warehousing Units
Texas based Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Service Providers
Regardless of your need, our Team at JDM will surely have a solution.


MSDC/HUB Certified

From 8a to DFW MSDC, we are able to help your corporation meet their set aside goals.

Customized Schedules

Every facility is assigned a cleaner or team to provide a consistent product.  Once our sales team has determined your ideal cleaning times and needs, we will sign an efficient team to meet your schedule and cleaning needs.

Advanced Products

We are constantly updating our technology and techniques to continually provide our clients with the best measurable outcomes.

Extra Care Hygiene

Every client that we serve receives the same cross contamination eliminating procedures that we use in our medical facilities, to ensure that we break the chain of infection.


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