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We are JDM Janitorial: Texas based Janitorial Services and other Commerical Cleaning Providers

JDM Janitorial Services Inc was founded by Joseph Lockhart in 2009. Starting the company as Lockhart Low Cost Cleaning and with just one customer, Joseph ran JDM as a one man show.


Over the years, Joseph has grown JDM with the same ethos in mind; providing the same one on one service at affordable rates by using the same advanced tools that national companies utilize for efficiency. 

This combination has led to long lasting relationships with multiple Fortune 500 companies.  In fact, some of our clients continue to be customers since 2009 due to our dedication and focus on meeting needs. 


As a facility service provider, we understand that things eventually will go wrong. And in those unfortunate cases, you can stay rest assured of our commitment to handle them immediately.  ​


We are JDM Janitorial: Texas based Janitorial Services and other Commerical Cleaning Service Providers with a focus on Affordability and Sustainability


Our Vision is to be the industry leader in janitorial services, recognized for our commitment to enhancing workspaces globally, empowering our dedicated team, and pioneering sustainable cleaning solutions for a healthier tomorrow.


Our Mission to create safe, sustainable, and clean work environments for every client, by investing in our staff and implementing innovative techniques and equipment.


Joseph Lockhart Jr. 


Joseph Lockhart Jr is the founder of JDM Janitorial Services Inc. and has been a pillar of the commercial cleaning industry since 2009. His expertise and dedication have propelled the company from a single-client operation to a trusted partner for numerous Fortune 500 companies. Joseph's commitment to combining personalized service with advanced technology has not only set industry standards but also supported clients in achieving their environmental and sustainability goals through innovative waste management and recycling initiatives.

Outside of JDM, Joseph's community and spiritual leadership are equally impactful. Serving on several nonprofit boards, he dedicates his efforts to societal welfare and community development. As a respected pastor, he offers spiritual support and guidance, seamlessly weaving his core values of integrity, transparency, and customer-focused service into the fabric of his personal and professional life, further enriching the company ethos and the communities he serves.

Meet Joseph Lockhart: President of JDM Janitorial Services

Jessica Lockhart 

Vice President

Jessica was born and brought up in Brownsville, TX, and brings a wealth of knowledge to JDM Janitorial Services with her robust experience in training and development. Her innovative spirit has been instrumental in overhauling our training programs, significantly enhancing the efficiency and safety of our cleaning operations statewide. Jessica's strategic contributions have streamlined our processes, achieving considerable time and cost savings, and raising the bar for industry standards.


Beyond her professional accomplishments, Jessica's commitment to community service shines through her active participation in local nonprofits. Her dedication to servant leadership has played a pivotal role in shaping employee-focused and customer-centric policies at JDM. Her influence extends beyond business innovation to meaningful community engagement, embodying a culture of continuous improvement and profound community responsibility.

Meet Jessica Lockhart: Vice President of JDM Janitorial

Connie Holguin

Director of Client and Construction Services

With a remarkable five-year tenure at JDM Janitorial, Connie Holguin is the driving force behind our client and construction services division. Her commitment to excellence and extensive experience makes her an invaluable asset to our team. She has consistently demonstrated her leadership in the janitorial services industry. As Director of Client and Construction Services, she oversees a dedicated team and ensures the highest standards of service for our clients. She understands that every client has unique needs and expectations, which her team strives to meet and exceed.


In addition to her role in client services, Connie takes charge of our construction services division. She and her team are experts in managing the complex cleaning and maintenance challenges that construction projects often present. They ensure that your space remains clean and functional even in the midst of ongoing construction.

Meet Connie Holguin: Director at JDM Janitorial Services

Steve Johnson

Director of Operations

Steve is a seasoned leader in the field of operations, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as Director of Operations. With a remarkable career spanning over 2 decades dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in facility management, Steve has a record of success with stints at Amazon, Lockheed Martin, and General Motors. His success in managing the needs of these major corporations showcases his excellence and his ability to meet the most rigorous standards.


In addition to his corporate experience, Steve's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish his own janitorial company in 2001. This two-year venture allowed him to gain valuable insights into the intricacies of the industry, making him a well-rounded and versatile leader in the field. He understands that a clean and efficiently managed environment is not just about appearances; it's about safety, productivity, and a positive work atmosphere.

Meet Steve Johnson: Director at JDM Janitorial Services
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